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Just like the human body, automobile, and every computer you’ve ever worked with, they all started off running optimally.  Running at peak efficiency for awhile, but over time it begins to slow down, become sluggish, and slow to respond. In addition, database design, stored procedures, triggers, functions, views, statistics, and indices all contribute to your database performance. Whether the initial design was poor, queries are running slow, or deadlocks are causing havoc, we have the expertise, experience, and proven steps to get your database performing and you back to living. We know that you have searched all over and tried everything you can think of without success.  It is time to contact us and we will help you solve your problems quickly and efficiently. Saving your business money and making you look like a superstar database administrator.


Database Optimization

Databases and the computers that store them are affected by the ravages of time. As more information is stored in the database that information will lose it’s optimization.

SQL Performance Troubleshooting

Poorly designed TSQL and SPs can introduce timeouts and deadlocks, slowing your once fast database, to a slow crawl. Adding hours of wait time to each week.

Skilled SQL Professionals

Even with an IT professional in your organization, that doesn’t mean you have all the skills for optimizing the performance of your systems, that where SQL Turned come in.

Our SQLTuned Process

Performance issues can be resolved, and your database back up to it’s peak efficiency. Efficient database means less time, less time can equal lower costs. SQL Performance tuning can help lower your costs.

Our Six step process



We have you answer some initial questions


We schedule a date and time to meet



We meet and listen/watch your issues and concerns



We provide a top ten list of must do’s to quickly get you issues resolved



We run a profile on your system


We provide a final analysis for you to implement

SQL Performance Tuning SQLTuned

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